General terms

General terms and conditions of the online store

Art. 1. (1) The present general conditions regulate the relations between “Cardinal Bites” OOD, with UIC 206100746 based in the city of Sofia, p.k. 1700, Georgi Raytchev 21A, (hereinafter referred to as “Seller” or “Seller company”) and the users (hereinafter referred to as “customer” or “customers”) of the Cardinal Bites online store, available at, as well as (including all subdomains).

(2) The provisions of the current legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply to all unsettled matters and issues.

(3) The possible invalidity of any of the provisions in these General Terms and Conditions does not lead to invalidity of the entire contract.

(4) In connection with the organization of sales, deliveries and servicing of payments with clients, Cardinal Bites engages only providers of courier, payment and warehousing and administrative services with a reliable reputation and significant business experience.
Information about the seller company

Art. 2. (1) Information according to the Bulgaria Electronic Commerce Act and the Bulgarian Consumer Protection Act regarding the seller company:

1. Name of the seller: “Cardinal Bites” OOD.

2. Headquarters: Sofia, p.k. 1700, Georgi Raytchev 21A

3. UIC: 206100746.

4. E-mail for correspondence:
Information about the online store of the seller company

Art. 3. The Cardinal Bites online store, available at, provides customers with the opportunity to enter into contracts for the purchase and delivery of goods offered by the seller in the store, as well as to:

– To review the goods, their composition, benefits, quantity, price and delivery conditions

– To conclude with the seller company contracts for purchase and delivery of the offered goods

– To exercise their rights of refusal and complaint, when they are applicable under the Bulgarian Consumer Protection Act
Technical steps for the conclusion of a contract

Art. 4. (1) An order from the „Cardinal Bites” online store can be made by any customer who has read these General Terms, as well as the Privacy and Cookie Policy.

(2) The customers use the interface of the online store of „Cardinal Bites” in order to conclude a contract for purchase of the goods offered by the seller company.

Art. 5. Customers enter into a contract for the sale of goods in the online store of „Cardinal Bites” in the following steps:

• They select specific goods from the online store

• Add all goods selected for purchase in a list referred on the company’s website as “Cart”

• Customers can at any time before completing the order adjust the content and quantities of goods in the cart

• Provision of data for the delivery: incl. names, address, e-mail and telephone number

• At the customer’s request, enter a convenient day and time for delivery in the field for comment of the order

• Choice of payment method – cash on delivery or online payment by debit or credit card

• Review the cart

• Completion of the order

Art. 6. (1) By pressing the button “COMPLETE THE ORDER”, the customer makes a statement for concluding a contract for purchase of all of the goods from his cart and their delivery to the address provided by him.

(2) After completing the order, the customer will receive an automated confirmation by e-mail for the order and all its details.
Rights and obligations

Art. 7. (1) „Cardinal Bites” undertakes an obligation to deliver the goods selected by the customer to the delivery address indicated by him and to transfer their ownership, and the customer undertakes the obligation to pay the price indicated in the online store, as well as the delivery price.

(2) If the ordered goods are not currently available, the seller company shall notify the customer. If he does not agree to place an order with a product that is currently available or is to be delivered for a longer period of time than the usual delivery time, the order may be canceled.

(3) The seller company and the clients agree that all communications and statements between them in connection with the conclusion and performance of the contract may be made electronically as per the meaning of Art. 11 of Bulgarian Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act as well as the Bulgarian Electronic Commerce Act, where the written form is considered complied with.

(4) The seller company shall not be liable for failure to provide access to the online store, as well as for the non-processing or untimely processing of the orders for purchase of goods.

(5) All disputes between the parties to this contract shall be resolved by negotiations and mutual concessions, by the competent court or by the Consumer Protection Commission.
Prices and payment methods

Art. 8. The prices offered in the online store of „Cardinal Bites” are in Bulgarian levs, are valid for the day of the order and include value added tax (VAT).

Art. 9. The payment can be made by cash on delivery (payment by courier upon delivery) or by an online payment.

Art. 10. In the event that the price of the order exceeds an amount indicated on the company’s website, „Cardinal Bites” may provide the delivery at its own expense. The conditions under which „Cardinal Bites” provides delivery at its own expense are explicitly stated in the company’s online store.

Art. 11. (1) The price of the delivery shall be formed depending on the town and address for the delivery of the goods.

(2) The seller company shall use for delivery the courier services of Speedy AD, whose usual delivery hours are between 9.00 and 17.30.

(3) Deliveries shall not be made on Sunday, as well as during official holidays.

(4) The value of the delivery is NOT INCLUDED in the price of the goods, except in the cases under Art. 10.

Art. 12. If the customer is not at the delivery address indicated by him, the seller company reserves the right at its discretion to re-deliver the goods at a later time on the same day, of the next business day, or to terminate the contract of sale.

Right of refusal and right of complaint to a customer who has the quality consumer

Art. 13. The rules of this section apply only to a client who has the capacity of a consumer within the meaning of the Bulgarian Consumer Protection Act (CPA). A consumer is any natural person who acts for purposes which are outside the trade, business, craft or profession of that person. In this section, the term customer refers to one who has the quality of a user.

Art. 14. Where applicable, the customer may exercise his right of withdrawal within 14 days from the date of receipt of the order by sending an email to:

Art. 15. Pursuant to the CPA and these General Terms, the consumer’s right to withdraw from the distance contract does not apply to contracts:

• For delivery of goods which due to their nature may deteriorate their quality or have a short shelf life;

• For delivery of sealed goods that are unsealed after delivery and cannot be returned due to reasons related to hygiene or health protection;

Art. 16. When the customer exercises his right of withdrawal, he must return the goods to the seller within 14 days from the date on which he notified the seller that he exercises his right of withdrawal.

Art. 17. The seller company will refund all amounts received by the customer no later than 14 days from the date on which he received the goods back from the customer.

Art. 18. The return of the goods upon exercise of the right of refusal may be made in the manner and at the address indicated on the bill of lading with which the customer has received the goods
Reclamation rights

Art. 19. The customer has the reclamation right regarding any possible non-compliance of a particular good with the sales contract, in case after the delivery deviations from the quality requirements were found, which are usually applicable to goods of this type and which could not be established at the initial inspection.

Art. 20. (1) The reclamation right may be submitted to the seller company at the following e-mail:, and at the same time the client is obliged to return the goods within 14 days from the date of receipt.

(2) Upon filing a reclamation, the customer has the right to claim a refund of the amount paid, replacement of the goods, discount from the price or free repair (when applicable) under the terms and conditions of Art. 113 and 114 of the Consumer Protection Act. When changing the goods, the delivery costs are borne by the customer.

(3) Reclamation of goods marked with an expiration date may be filed before the expiration of the last day of the expiration date.

(4) The return in case of a reclamation may be made in the manner and at the address indicated on the bill of lading with which the customer has received the goods.

Personal data protection

Art. 21. (1) The clients agree that the seller company has the right to process their personal data, necessary for the execution of the orders in the e-shop, their delivery and the execution of the contract.

(2) Personal data may be provided to the following third parties:

To courier companies, warehouses and fulfillment centers in order to organize deliveries

(3) Except as provided in these General terms and the Privacy and Cookie Policy, “Cardinal Bites” will not provide any personal information to third parties. Without the express consent of the customer, the company will not provide personal information to a third party for direct marketing or any other third party.
Authorities for consumer protection

Information about the authorities for consumer protection under the Electronic Commerce Act and the Consumer Protection Act:

1. Commission for Personal Data Protection

Address: Sofia, Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov ”№ 2

Tel .: (02) 915 35 55



2. Consumer Protection Commission

Address: 1 Vrabcha Street, 3rd and 5th floors

Tel .: 0700 111 22