Luxury gift box protein balls ASSORTED – 192 g. (16 balls)


Luxury gift box to share in 3 signature flavors



Sharing is caring – no empty calories and no added sugar. A luxury gift box with all your favorite protein flavors.

You don’t need a special occasion to show your love with these sugar-free sweet treats. Raw, with 3 signature flavors – cocoa, rose and mahlab + white chocolate, vanilla and fig + hazelnut chocolate with orange and goji berries.

They are suitable for all ages.

  • A high-quality plant-based protein (rice and pea blend) or dairy protein that provides a complete amino acid profile and is a great source of protein to support lean muscle mass.
  • High in prebiotic fiber
  • Free from soy, artificial colors, preservatives, trans fat & gluten

1 gift box contains 6 pcs. cocoa, rose and machleb, 5 pcs. white chocolate, vanilla, and fig and 5 pcs. hazelnut chocolate with orange and goji berries

Ingredients (cocoa, rose and mahlab):

  • Dates, cocoa butter, sunflower tahini, vegetable protein: rice (9%) and pea (7.8%), cocoa, chicory fiber, erythritol, mahlab.
  • 50 kcal per ball

Ingredients (white chocolate, vanilla, and fig):

  • Fig, dates, cocoa butter, coconut flour, milk concentrate – 10.6%, rice protein – 7.5%, erythritol, coconut oil, chicory fiber, vanilla flavor.
  • 56 kcal per ball

Ingredients (hazelnut chocolate with orange and goji berries):

  • Dates, hazelnut tahini, vegetable protein – rice (10.7%) and pea (4.7%), cocoa, erythritol, cocoa butter, goji berries, chicory fiber, vanilla, and orange flavor.
  • 55.57 kcal per ball.
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Additional information

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